2ème festival de chants sacrés

62300 LENS

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at 11 o'clock. From 18 months. Duration 40 min.

One carries an angular cube-shell which lets sounds slip.
The other wears a soft cocoon-round silent. Arriving here, everyone thought they had found the perfect place to settle down, but ... is there room for two? How to cohabit round and square? It is a whole geometry of language that must be invented ...
Toilci & MoiLà is a new circus show that plays with shapes, colors and sounds, to talk to children as young as 18 months and their families, about difference, territory and sharing.
In this unrealistic universe, the scenography unfolds until proposing, once the show is finished, a carpet-course of awakening made available to the children.

Event dates
From 26 to 28 April 2019