Cimetière britannique de Loos

Rue Roger Salengro - 62750 LOOS EN GOHELLE


This cemetery was opened by the Canadian Corps in April 1917.

This cemetery, originally known as the Loos Provisional Cemetery, is located in the immediate vicinity of slag heap 15. It was built in July 1917 by the Canadian Corps who had installed a field ambulance nearby. More than 2,750 graves from small cemeteries in the surrounding communes (Vermelles, Liévin, Loos-en-Gohelle, Courcelles-les-Lens) were moved here after the war. For the most part they were soldiers who fell during the Battle of Loos. Two thirds of the bodies were never identified. Specific stones were erected for 2 British soldiers and 4 Canadian soldiers who are supposed to be buried in the wall of the site. Other stones replace the graves of 44 Canadians and 12 British soldiers who were destroyed by a shell. In March 2014, 20 British soldiers discovered at Vendin-le-Vieil were buried in this cemetery.