Dédicace spectacle - "A faire rire eun Brouette"

Bibliothèque Jacques Duquesne - Place Gambetta - 62800 LIEVIN

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Prices: from € 3 to € 6.

The Gods of Rock said, "What is the Metal" Metal and was ...
For its first edition, the "Lievin Metal Fest" will host the cream of the Metal Mining Basin ... and not only!

Swaders, or Hardcore made in 62 !!! You want to get into the thick of it with a metal band in the region? This is great! Undercry just Arras with their Death Metal energetic and tinged with history, that of our region. Through their music resonates a structured universe, melodic and heavy! Think you know everything about metal? Undercry is here to offer you new experiences but mostly ready to share their vision of the live metal. Arkanan exudes a dark and violent world through the mind trash guitars and an enigmatic song of between melody and brutality inspires us Chimaira, Zuul Fx or Black Bomb A. Hacride (distortion of the meaning acre acrid English) combo Poitevin, strikes us syncopated riffs ultra pests, led by ultra screaming vocals!

EDIT OF 18.02:We regret to announce that due to the cancellation of their tour, the group Hacride will not play on the stage of Lievin Metal Fest 'on Saturday 5 March. therefore welcome the opportunity for the Do Or Die (hardcore), from Mons, the energy and presence will shake the walls of Arc en Ciel! Not to mention the presence of Undercry groups Swaders, Arkanan.
Same date, same place, same time! We count on you !