Dispensaire de la Société de Secours Minière

Place Daniel Breton - 62160 GRENAY


The building of the Society of Mutual Aid Mines Bethune Grenay is contemporary with that of clinical Sainte-Barbe in Bully-les-Mines.

In the aftermath of the First World War, the Mining Company Bethune work in the establishment of a network of medical and social work for its employees and workers. Planned in 1924 and built in the following years, the health center was officially opened in March 1932. Central element of medical device company of the Company covers all of the concession, together with a different unique specialists and allows crossing of information on the health of minors. After the creation of the Social Security Mining by Decree of 27 November 1947 SSM Grenay is enlarged. It consists of three buildings. The first is the main building housing the offices, the other two are the old houses, including that of Chief of Staff. The assembly is designed with a frame associated with a concrete filling brick red.Besides the treatment of shear walls boss in the lower part of the walls, decorated with a frieze made from yellow and blue tiles arranged in a checkerboard ceramic gives this unit almost continuous facade closes instead Daniel Breton. Ironwork balconies based geometric patterns inspired by the Art Deco exhibit.

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