Exposition - "Wool War One"

Mémorial'14-18 Notre-Dame-de-Lorette - 102 rue Pasteur - 62153 SOUCHEZ

t. 03 21 74 83 15

Work of the artist Délit Maille

From 10h to 13h, and from 14h to 18h from Tuesday to Sunday. Free. 781 knitted little soldiers of all nationalities.

What is the Wool War One?

Initiated by the La Piscine de Roubaix museum, this extraordinary and moving project was created by the artist Délit Maille and 500 pairs of anonymous hands from all over the world, to knit the Great War. An immense army of tiny soldiers, made of wool, which pays a sensitive homage to this generation sacrificed during the first world conflict.
Discover for the first time the Wool War One, a work transformed into a real human adventure, from 100 years ago and today.

For the European Heritage Days 15 and 16 September
Inauguration in the presence of the artist on September 15 at 17h.
Highlights: knitting happening, creative workshops for all and discovery of the Wool War One.