• Liévin - Hôtel - Arena Stade Couvert de Liévin

    Chemin des Manufactures - LIEVIN

    Group accommodation offering half-board or full-board packages

    Located in Liévin, just a few minutes from Lens, this large multi-purpose complex offers facilities to organize the biggest sporting competitions and concerts (Muse, Depeche Mode, Mika, Elton John) as well as congresses, Fairs exhibitions ...

    t. 03 21 44 02 44

  • Maisnil-lez-Ruitz - Hébergement de groupes - Parc Départemental d'Olhain

    Route de Rebreuve - MAISNIL LES RUITZ

    Group accommodation located in Mainsnil-les-Ruitz 20 minutes from Lens

    This group accommodation located in the middle of a park can accommodate up to 96 people.

    t. 03 21 279 179