• Louvre-Lens © Rémi Vimont  ADRT Pas-de-Calais

    58 rue de la gare - LENS


    RDV at 14:30 in front of the entrance of the Louvre Lens daily (except Tuesday, January 1, May 1, 11, 16, 25 June and 25 December). Meet at 16h in July-August


  • Stade Bollaert Delelis © RC Lens

    Rue Maurice Carton - LENS


    The stadium is located in the city center, 700 m from the train station and not far from the Louvre-Lens

    t. 03 21 13 21 32 standard

  • Base 11/19 de Loos-en-Gohelle

    Rue de Bourgogne - LOOS EN GOHELLE

    An old mining site requalified 2 steps from the Louvre-Lens

    Enjoy the 360° view of the coalfields from the top of the slagheaps and discover Mother Nature’s treasures


  • Bleu Grenay

    Place Daniel Breton - GRENAY

    A contemporary work resonates with mine


    t. 03 21 72 66 88

  • Lewarde - Monuments et Patrimoine culture - Centre Historique Minier

    Fosse Delloye - Rue d'Erchin - BP 30039 - LEWARDE

    Lewarde located near Douai, 30 minutes from Lens

    The largest mining museum in France.

    t. 03 27 95 82 82

  • Noyelles-sous-Lens - Monuments et Patrimoine culturel - Ecomusée de Noyelles

    21 rue de la République - NOYELLES SOUS LENS

    Situé à côté de la mairie de Noyelles-sous-Lens

    Cet écomusée vous invite à vous replonger dans le "bon vieux temps".

    t. 03 21 67 79 65

  • Vitraux de l'Eglise du Millenium

    21 route de Béthune - LENS


    This religious building is a living testimony of the Polish presence in the mining basin.


  • Lens - Monuments et Patrimoine culturel - Gare SNCF de Lens

    Place du Général de Gaulle - LENS

    Recognized as one of the most emblematic buildings of the Art Deco movement

    Opened in 1927, this building architect Urbain Cassan, whose shape is reminiscent of a locomotive, shows the influence of Art Deco on the reconstruction of the city after the First World War.


  • Liévin - Monuments et Patrimoine culturel - Hôtel de Ville

    Avenue Lamendin - LIEVIN


    This building marks the willingness of the municipality to display his power against the mining companies.


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