Pays d'Art et d'Histoire The French Towns & Lands of Art & History is designated by the French Ministry of Culture & Communication to districts committed to an overall policy of protecting and preserving heritage for the public.

This cultural project takes into account all the elements – scenic and natural heritage, architectural heritage, urban heritage, furniture, technical and ethnological heritage – that contribute to the identity of a district by involving citizens and those who participate in developing the architectural and scenic quality of their environment.

The national network of Towns & Lands of Art & History includes about 149 districts.

Lens-Liévin was designated a Land of Art & History in January 2008, recognizing the value of its local heritage and the ability of the district to preserve and promote it.

Lens-Lievin focuses on particularly ambitious projects, such as the future Louvre-Lens and the application to UNESCO for the coal fields to be a World Heritage Site, seeking long term development in tourism and culture.

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Lens-Liévin Land of Art & History’s Mandate  
In agreement with the Community of Greater Lens-Liévin, the Heritage Department of the Lens-Liévin Tourist Information and Cultural Heritage Office manages the Land of Art and History services.

The mandate of the Land of Art and History is centred around four axes that are defined in an agreement signed between the French Republic and the Community of Greater Lens-Liévin:

  • Presenting heritage in all its facets and promoting the quality of local architecture ;
  • Creating awareness to local inhabitants and professionals about their environment and its architectural, urban and scenic quality ;
  • Initiating youth to architecture, urbanization, scenery and heritage ;
  • Hosting tourists, by offering them quality services to discover the area.

The Lens-Liévin Land of Art & History thus plays a role coordinating, accompanying and advising the cultural, tourism, education and urban planning sectors in developing innovative and structured projects that value the district's heritage.

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The Cities and Lands of Art & History Network  
The Cities and Lands of Art & History make up a national network of more than 150 districts that creates a forum for the most innovative exchange of experience.

In the North-Pas de Calais, five cities benefit from the designation: Cambrai, Lille and Roubaix in the North, Boulogne-sur-Mer and Saint-Omer in the Pas-de-Calais.

The regional network is a real plus that allows a perpetual sharing between the Cities of Art and History in the North-Pas de Calais, particularly by participating in training sessions together and developing regional communication tools.

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Le Guide des actions éducatives 2011-2012 édité par le Conseil général du Pas-de-Calais.
Le Pays de Lens-Liévin et les deux villes du réseau VPAH du département (Boulogne et St-Omer) apparaissent désormais dans ce document comme partenaires ressources pour les enseignants de collèges désireux de concevoir et de mettre en œuvre un projet éducatif en lien avec nos champs de compétences.