L'Auberge du Lac

43 rue Kléber Rolle - 62880 ANNAY

t. 03 21 70 34 26Mobile 0674027445

exceptional with traditional cuisine.

Products "Home Made" from raw material, constantly looking for local products.

Reopening of the restaurant recently after a rehabilitation period. New owner, where product quality is central to its cuisine, conviviality is required. A warm welcome awaits you there.
Come and share a moment of gustatory pleasure in an exceptional setting.

Restaurant opening hours:
- Every lunchtime except Saturday
- Evenings and Saturdays on privatization to any benefit

Directions :
 - Handicapped guests: Locomotor-disabled
A la carte
From 5.50 to 21.50 euros
Menu enfant
12.50 euros
Plat du jour
From 14.50 to 20.50 euros
Menu (entrée, plat, dessert)
From 19.50 to 32.50 euros
View of river or pondWifiTerraceBanquetAnimals allowedHandicapped AccessGroups allowed
Accepted forms of payment
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