Le lagunage de Harnes et le bois de Florimond

Chemin des Routoirs - 62440 HARNES


Free access all year.

Designed to treat environmentally friendly waste water lagoons Harnes has become a recreational area popular with joggers and walkers.

Installed on the old pit at 9 Harnes, the lagoon covers 15 ha of water and greenery near the channel Lens.
In addition to hikers and families, a vast ecosystem has developed on the site.
And 140 animal species have been counted (amphibians, insects, reptiles, birds ...) and 200 plant species decorate the place (hawthorn, iris yellow viper ...).
The EIPC The Slag Heap Chain offers guided tours of the site (03 21 28 17 28).

The Bois de Florimond, which serves as a backdrop to the lagoon, offers through its 34ha of green activities such as playing football and tennis (land dedicated) or hiking (hiking trail and cyclo-cross).
From the wood Florimond, can walk along the Canal de Lens on the Towpath to the leisure of Loison-sous-Lens.