Le terril 24 Nord Courrières (n°98)

Avenue de la Fosse 24 - 62880 ESTEVELLES


Once sharpened, Bing pit 24 became trapeze.

His rigorously flat top and sides gradually cover of vegetation, including some rare and spectacular varieties.

This tabular Terril, ranked Sensitive Natural Area by the department of Pas-de-Calais, has become an important ecological interest for pioneering plants that colonize the slopes as well as the flow of slightly brackish water that give rise to a wetland at the foot of the heap.

Partially colonized by reeds, it is a transit point for birds.

Ride 1km loop for a period of 20 minutes with views of pasture and wetland

Access: Parking at the end of the Avenue de la Fosse 24-62880 Estevelles