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Les Grands Bureaux de la Société des mines de Lens

Avenue Elie Reumaux - 62300 LENS


The current Faculty of Sciences Jean Perrin once housed the central offices of the Lens Mining Company.

It was in this building built between 1928 and 1930 that will be governed, until the end of coal mining in 1990, work in the pits, processing, transportation and marketing of coal and the daily life miners and their families (housing, social work ...).
Its impressive dimensions, regionalist architecture inspired by the Flemish Renaissance, Art Deco interiors and garden design clearly reflect the staging of a great decoration for expressing newfound power of the Mining Company following the Lens destruction of the First World War.

Now owned by the University of Artois, the site hosts the Faculty of Sciences Jean Perrin and its 1,300 students.

Faculty Jean Perrin being in work, we are no longer able to offer guided tours for now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hours gardens Great Offices:
Summer hours: from 9am to 18pm
Winter hours: from 10h to 17h