Les Grands Bureaux de la Société Houillère de Liévin

Rue Edouard Vaillant - 62800 LIEVIN


This large brick building housed the headquarters, technical, accounting, financial and business of the Colliery Company Lievin. Many engineers and staff houses were built in the adjoining city to house the executives who worked there.

Completely destroyed during the First World War, the Great offices are rebuilt on the same model with the addition of a floor.
Grids that still surround the building were designed to prevent minors from getting inside in the event of a strike. To this was added protection once the presence of the police nearby.
After the nationalization of mines, the Great Offices are transformed into maternity clinic and the Relief Society of Mining. Since 2000, they welcome the administrative center of the town of Lievin. Now, only the cartridge marked "The Great Offices" and bas-reliefs which are the emblems of minor remember the former function of the building