Les terrils 11/19 de Loos-en-Gohelle



Peaking at 186 m are among the highest in Europe dumps

Put up with the waste stone extraction, slag heaps are privileged points of views. They are also highly symbolic elements of the landscape identity of Coalfield Nord-Pas de Calais. From 1960, a more elaborate coal handling system retrieves a maximum of coal and make Bing only barren rock. Depending on their nature, the extracted materials are treated by the site laundry, destroyed in 1993, and sent to the central washhouse Vendin-le-Vieil.
The three dumps preserved, 2 and 1 conical tabular, with a total volume of 24 million m3 are spread over nearly 90 ha. This gigantism is partly linked to the Site merger activity. In the 1970s, the power of the two dumps
bevel stops for the benefit of a tabular heap to avoid subsidence problems. A conveyor belt, two batteries are still visible, allow the evacuation of this sterile dish Bing provided a settling pond. Deposits cease with the closure of the well 1986.
The heat from the slag heaps promotes the development of a diversified fauna and flora that make them true biodiversity islands. With security work and access management, they have also become recreational areas for hiking and paragliding.

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