Address & contact

Rue Pasteur - 62410 BENIFONTAINE

t. 03 21 40 30 08f. 03 21 37 23 42

Contact the City Council:
Rue Pasteur
62410 Bénifontaine
Tel: 03 21 40 30 08
Fax: 03 21 37 23 42
E.mail: mairie.benifontaine @ wanadoo.fr

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm

To see:

- Brasserie Castelain: Fans of good regional beers can not ignore the existence of this brewery founded in 1926. It was here the famous beer is brewed from Ch'ti that has long effigy used as a minor. The brewery invites visitors to discover the brew and its copper vats and an exhibition of the materials and advertisements of the past. The tour, complete with a film showing the different stages of brewing, ends with a tasting.

- The Park Cytises: real zoo with more than 85 different species, including wallabies, llamas, deer, peacocks, it is a delight for children who can enjoy the many games available to them.Areas are also picnic facilities for the walkers spend a pleasant moment of relaxation.

- The path of the Blessed Fontaine (rue Victor Hugo to start a hike of 7.5 miles)