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Rue Jean Jaurès - 62420 BILLY MONTIGNY

t. 03 21 13 81 13f. 03 21 13 81 21

population: 8395 inhabitants

Contact the City Council:
Rue Jean Jaures
62420 Billy-Montigny
Tel: 03 21 13 81 13
Fax: 03 21 13 81 21
E. mail: ville-billy-montigny@wanadoo.fr

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12am and from 2pm to 6pm
Saturday from 8:30 to 12am

To see:
- The City park

- The Course of the Survivors: the well site of the former pit 2, the interpretive tour, which opened March 10, 2006 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Catastrophe Courrières, invites you to relive, through testimonies of survivors and Graphic, the horror experienced by the few surviving children until they rise to light.
Of all the mining accidents, the Catastrophe of Courrières was that which marked the most attention. It was 1099 victims. The origin of this accident, a fire poorly controlled at the bottom of the mine. Three wells are concerned, 110 km of gallery and flared gas and smoke took over. This disaster was held in suspense throughout the country and even neighboring countries in its scope and horror.The mining company, to preserve the site of operation, immediately condemned the area saying that there can be no survivors. 19 days later 13 survivors will be raised and the ultimate survivor will be found 27 days after the disaster.
The departure of the circuit is made of silo Méricourt, memorial of the disaster of 1906, Urianne Soriaux Street (right side of the RN 43). The arrival is located in the park EuroBilly Billy Montigny, near space Delfosse Leon, a former ballroom of Mines.
Guided tours of the route proposed by the Tourism Board (03 21 67 66 66).

- The Bandstand

- The old village hall Mines Leon Delfosse space, now houses a beautiful theater and hosts many events.

- The Sunday morning market