Address & contact

13 place Louis Virel - 62300 ELEU DIT LEAUWETTE

t. 03 21 13 45 45f. 03 21 13 45 46

population: 3107 inhabitants

Contact the City Council:
13 Place Louis Virel
62300-Eleu dit Leauwette
Tel: 03 21 13 45 45
Fax: 03 21 13 45 46
E. Mail: secretariat@ville-eleuditleauwette.fr
Website: www.ville-eleuditleauwette.fr

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8am to 12am and from 2pm to 6pm

A little history:
On October 4, 1914, Lens fell to the Germans and the region which Eleu. For Eleusinians begins the ordeal: bombing, destruction, deprivation for the inhabitants, 12 civilian casualties, 13 soldiers died for their country. During those sad times, Mr. Ambrose Butezi, principal and town clerk, ensures the supply of the population and the administration of the municipality. By prodigies of skill and daring he succeeds, the noses of the Germans to dig underground where he could hide archives and other precious things of the town hall which is found intact after the Armistice.
On September 23, 1920, Eleu, wounded city, receives the Military Cross, 1st August 1926, the city rebuilt inaugurates memorial. Two dates, two symbols.

To see:

- The church of Saint Pierre

- The ruins of the castle

- The place called "La Couture"