Address & contact

Place Jean Jaurès - 62410 MEURCHIN

t. 03 21 74 08 13f. 03 21 40 77 57

Contact the City Council:
Place Jean Jaurès
62410 Meurchin
Tel: 03 21 74 08 13
Fax: 03 21 40 77 57
E. mail: meurchin-mairie62@orange.fr
Website: www.meurchin.fr

Opening hours:
Monday from 1pm to 5pm
Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 12am and from 1pm to 5pm
Saturday from 10am to 12am (only civil)

A little history:
We find the first written record of Meurchin the seventh century.
By the early ninth century, Charlemagne (742-814) sent a troop of Saxons who undertake drying, which made our region prosperous the ninth and tenth centuries. In 881 came the Normans who travel by rivers and streams. These pirates stopped at North Meurchin and its surroundings, plundered and murdered people.
During the Hundred Years War, circa 1302, is Meurchin once ravaged by the Flemish. He is back in 1304 but this time by a strong detachment of French ...
In 1500 Meurchin always depended on the Abbey St Vaast of Arras and the Lord of Epinoy.
In the seventeenth century, the country is ravaged again by the Thirty Years War.
When, in the years 1706 to 1712 (War of Spanish Succession), armies invaded Artois, is Meurchin surrounding villages are again ravaged, pillaged and burned. most people, dismayed, to save by removing all they can take. Famine, disease decimated the population.