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Monday to Friday from 8am to 12am and from 2pm to 6pm

A little history:
The exact time of the founding of Souchez is unknown. However, some celts found in the swamp just located between the "Castle Carieul" and existing schools, suggests that some tribes of primitive men lived in this place where water is abundant. Later, there is the certainty that strain was inhabited in Roman times have been found since the third century cemetery near the woods WaReLa at the end of the territory of Aix-Noulette. On the other hand, it was found that there is a Merovingian cemetery at a place called "The Maladrerie."

Of the work of Mr. Fleury Cresson "Souchez through the ages", was extracted the following text:
"In 540 the story mentioned for the first time Souchez. The village was then called Sabucetum and under this name he is named in the will of Saint-Remy, Archbishop of Reims on the date indicated above. Later, around 1200, in the history of the fighting that took place in the region, the same village is referred to as Oppidulum.

And in other documents, found Sanchières, worries and strains. Finally, the pieces of a trial of William of Jena Fruleux, Adviser and Secretary of the King, owner of the land in this locality, we write Souchet in Artois (1718-1738). Finally, in the same document, we write Souchez as we know it now.

On a map dated 1693 and bearing the words: "The County of Artois according as it is currently divided into French and Spanish papers drawn up on the newest by the Sieur Sanson, geographer ordinary Roy in Paris at H .Saillot joining the Grands Augustins, the two Globes, with Roy privilege for twenty years, "our community is listed under the name of the shovelers. The villages are the following names: Saint Nazare (for Ablain-Saint-Nazaire) and Carenchy (for Carency). Our common as the other two, is on this card with a badge indicating that they have all three a fortified castle.

At a meeting of the Departmental Board of Antiquities, November 4, 1853, Mr. Labourt, former judge and mayor of Doullens, communicated a lengthy report in which he indicated that after a thorough study of Celtic and oriental languages, he could ensure the name of Souchez means "Land of Fire." And it even seems that in the inscription on the base of the old Cross of sandstone, we find the same information.

Blason origin of strains:
The manor-born, divided in the sixteenth century belonged to François De Boffles. It passed it to De Draeck Fruleux From then on, families of officers of the Chancellery of Artois.Louis De Fruleux, Lord of strains and Attecourt, occupied in fact, as Secretary of the King in Chancery between 1725 and 1733 Artois, his son Jean-Guillaume, who lived in the castle of a noble strain was recognized by award of the election of Artois April 30, 1760 and he recorded his arms. He died in 1793.

In the arms of Fruleux are those that should be incorporated: shield azure a chevron or, accompanied by three wolves heads of gold, two and a langued Gules, two of the chief faced. Do not forget to 'learn the Croix de Guerre 1914-1918 awarded to the town-born, destroyed during the fighting in 1915 (decree of September 23, 1920).