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Maison Syndicale

32 rue Casimir Beugnet - 62300 LENS

t. 03 21 67 48 93

Place of remembrance of the workers struggles of the miners of Pas-de-Calais

Built in response to the Courrières disaster of 1906, the Trade Union House is an iconic building of workers' struggles of the miners.

Inaugurated in 1911 it was destroyed during World War II and reconstructed almost identically in the 1920s.
The workers were gathering there information on the functioning of the Relief Funds or seek help from the union for their professional problems. Façade, the pediment hosting a relief glorifying the work of the minor. During major strikes, the balcony underneath allowed union leaders to address the crowd of miners gathered to Place du Cantin.

Today the Trade Union House hosts temporary exhibitions.