Mémorial polonais

Entre Neuville-Saint-Vaast et Souchez - Route Départementale 937 - 62580 NEUVILLE ST VAAST


Built in December 1929 by the Poles in the Pas-de-Calais, the monument was inaugurated May 21, 1933 by the Ambassador of Poland.

On the monument reads the following dedication "ZA Nasz Wolnosci WASZA I" (for our freedom and yours). During the war many Polish France and Belgium are mobilizing regiments made up of volunteers, unlike their brethren in Poland, forced into the Prussian army. They distinguished themselves particularly in the north of Arras, during the second battle of Artois in May 1915. May 9, the Polish company led by Colonel Pain, won three lines of trenches but decimated. Unlike the Russian army, the French army recognizes July 5, 1917 the creation of an independent Polish army, subject to the French command, but fighting under a national flag, the first step towards independence. Only at the end of World War I that Poland regained its independence it had lost in the 18th century, divided between its three neighbors, Russia, Prussia (then Germany), and the Austria (then Austria-Hungary). The monument was destroyed in 1940 by the Germans was rebuilt after the 2nd War and is now owned by a Polish association.