Monument aux morts de la division marocaine



This monument was inaugurated June 14, 1925 but it was built at that time without permission. The regulation came in October 1925.

On April 9, 1987, a new marble plaque was unveiled by the Veterans Affairs Division. The division was formed by Lyautey in Morocco. When they arrived in Bordeaux in July 1914, Moroccan soldiers were complemented by metropolitan and a little later by an elite group of foreign volunteers who had come from 52 different nations. First regiment formed in mixed (Zouaves and Tunisian or Algerian riflemen, etc.), then division under the command of General Jacques Humbert, it is distinguished by his infantry wearing the red fez and baggy trousers. The offensive in May 1915 plans to take the hill of Lorette and Vimy Ridge. It is in the Foreign Legion is entrusted with the recovery of the latter. On May 9, 1915 Moroccans engage in the offensive and reach a few days later the top of the ridge but for lack of reinforcements, they must retreat. It was a real massacre.