Monument aux morts et grilles de la cité des Brebis

Place de la Marne - 62160 BULLY LES MINES


Erected by the Mining Company Bethune, opened in 1924 this monument that pays tribute to its 935 employees died in the First World War is located on the main square of the city of Sheep.

On either side of this room, large marble plaques bearing the names of those killed "armed" and "to work under fire." In addition to the memory of the miners who lost their lives at the front following their mobilization, this monument brings indeed highlight the sacrifice of those who worked under bombardment to produce the vital coal to the war effort on the pits Company not occupied by the enemy. The bronze reliefs by sculptor Paul Capelaere highlight this role during the conflict.
Right side were preserved remains of gates that marked the entrance of the city. Compagnie des Mines de Bethune had decided to surround their cities with walls and gates in order to close in the event of a strike. Closed by the guard during the strikes that followed the disaster Courrieres in 1906, these grids made the cost of workers' anger.

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