Musée d'Histoire et d'Archéologie

Association "Les Amis du Vieil Harnes" - 50 rue André Déprez - 62440 HARNES

t. 03 21 49 02 29

Open Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Housed in a former mansion of the late nineteenth century, the Museum of History and Archaeology of Harnes has since 2013 new showrooms.

The museum displays objects found during excavations in the territory of the municipality of Harnes (Gallo-Roman and medieval periods). Then, from the example of a common Gohelle, he staged two world wars. Particular emphasis on the resistance and deportation. Finally, it presents the evolution of a city (1900 to 1930) through an exhibition of postcards.

Free admission.

Opening times: Wednesday from 10h to 12h and from 15h to 18h, Saturday from 15h to 18h.

Groups, or guided tours daily by appointment (book 15 days before).

Guided tour