Musée de la Mine de Bruay

Cours Kennedy - 62700 BRUAY LA BUISSIERE

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The Living Museum presents the history of the mine, that of technological developments of tools (from 1855 to 1979), methods of coal mining and prevention against dust, firedamp ...

History of mining, and miners also exposed to the worst hazards (landslides, which firedamp gas is the most feared) working under the worst conditions, such as in the size of 40 cm opening, where they remained lying for hours to break down the coal jackhammer ...
And you better bring to life the human dimension of this essential part of our history, they are former miners who will guide you for an hour through 400 m of galleries, and you will comment on two films: one on coal mining the other on the descent of General de Gaulle at well # 6 of Bruay in 1959.

It took 8 years old "miners" to rebuild, piece by piece, this universe from the bottom of the mine. The best tribute to them regularly visited by former miners who exclaim:
"Unbelievable! It's like the bottom". So come and share their emotions!

- Every weekend from May 1 to September from 14h30 to 17h
- The rest of the year, can come by appointment every day of the week

Entrance fee
Adults:€ 5
Children (under 16): € 3
School: € 2.50, a free guide to 15 children (educational materials for teachers and questionnaire for children available for free)
Groups over 15 persons: € 4.50

The Museum is:
The screening of a film (30 minutes)
A course of guided galleries and sound in French, German, English and Polish (1:30)