Nightwalk gourmande

Office de Tourisme de Lens-Lièvin - 16 place Jean Jaurès - 62300 LENS

t. 03 21 42 58 05t. 03 21 67 66 66

As part of the Parks Chain Festival

at 8:30 pm Prices: € 7 and € 10, free for children under 6 years old.

Nighwalk greedy, between dogs and wolves (and bats) on the highest heaps of Europe, visit organized in partnership with the CPIE.
Discover the nightlife of the slag heaps while contemplating the whole Park Centrality.
The ascent is almost in silence, we whisper, we are discreet, we are small in front of nature and the history of the thousands of men who drew this landscape ... At nightfall, places still change their face, the heaps reveal another atmosphere, mysterious, lunar. The sun makes its bed, bordered by heaps, it leaves room for the black and starry sky, and the animals of the night who wake up ...

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