Vibrez avec le Racing-Club de Lens
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Stade Bollaert-Delelis

Rue Maurice Carton - 62300 LENS

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The stadium is located in the city center, 700 m from the train station and not far from the Louvre-Lens

Inaugurated in 1932, the Bollaert Stadium, named Felix Bollaert, director of the Lens Mining Company responsible for its construction, has quickly established itself as the city of Lens heart. Stronghold of French football, this time told the English with 4 independent grandstands can accommodate up to 38,000 seated people, more than met lensoise population (36 000). It brings together, at each meeting of the Racing Club de Lens, the lensois fans, known for their warm welcome and dedicated "better public of France."

During UEFA Euro 2016, the Delelis-Bollaert stadium hosts 4 games:

- Saturday, June 11 at 15h: Albania / Switzerland

- Thursday, June 16 at 15h: England / Wales

- Tuesday, June 21 at 21h: Czech Republic / Turkey

- Saturday, June 25 at 21 pm: 8th-finals

Directions :
Handicapped AccessGroups allowed