Louvre-Lens on a former coal site. Colliery No. 9 of the Lens Mining Company was dug in 1886 and started operating as of 1890. In 1904, 9 "Bis" or 9b, was added. No. 9 was used to extract coal and 9B for ventilation. Like other collieries, the Lens Mining Company built lodging for its workers, as well as a church, schools, a sports field and a pharmacy. The company's objectives were to attract and retain labour. The mining communities attest to a great willingness on the company's part to supervise the daily life of its miners and their families. Colliery no. 9 closed in November 1960, following a regrouping of operations at no. 19 at Loos-en-Gohelle. After extracting more than 10 million tons of coal, no. 9 was used as an air inlet until 1975, then as air return for no. 19, the main pit. 605 m deep, it was filled in November 1980. Its headframe was razed to the ground in September 1983.

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