Visite guidée - "Le quartier Saint-Amé à Liévin"

Eglise Saint-Amé - Place Saint-Amé - 62800 LIEVIN

t. 03 21 67 66 66

Departure in front of the church of Saint-Amé, at 2.30 pm. Duration: 1h30. Rates: from 1 € to 6 €. Reservation required.

Around the head of the old Saint-Amé pit between collective and working-class facilities, this visit is an opportunity to learn more about the lives of miners and their families in this urban complex marked by the paternalism of the Society of Mines of Lens. Inside the church, you will discover the works of Raymond Mason and Judith Debruyn, which testify to the mining catastrophe of December 27, 1974 and illustrate the vitality of this place between memory and artistic creation.

Dates of guided tours in 2017:
- Wednesday 10 May at 14.30
- Wednesday 14 June at 14.30
- Wednesday 13 September at 14.30
- Wednesday 11 October at 14.30

Event dates
11 October 2017
Tarif réduit (enfants de moins de 6 ans)
Tarif réduit (enfants de 6 à 12 ans)
1 euro
Tarif réduit (demandeurs d'emploi, 13-18 ans, étudiants)
3 euros
Tarif plein
6 euros