Visite guidée les essentiels - "La mine" et/ou "L'Art déco"

62300 LENS

t. 03 21 67 66 66t. 03 21 18 63 22

Until May 31, Wednesday to Sunday from 14:30 to 16:15. Appointment at the Tourist Info Point in the lobby of the Louvre-Lens Museum. Price: 7 € / pers. (including transport). (except 23, 24, 25 and 31 December, 1 January and 1 May).

At the doors of the museum, the guide will help you discover the history of this former coal mining site and the architecture of the Louvre-Lens. After a presentation of the adjacent mining town to discover the lives of miners and their families, you will join the city center by shuttle to appreciate the rich Art Deco heritage of Lens.

In partnership with Tadao.

Reservations: before noon at the Tourist Office - +33 (0) 3 21 67 66 66 - info@tourisme-lenslievin.fr

From June 1st

The essentials :

- The mine: A total immersion in the heart of a mining city alive. From the Louvre-Lens, discover how we lived in the city Saint-Théodore at the time of the coal mining and how we live today by ending the visit in a four-star coron.
Wednesday to Sunday from 14h to 14h45
Appointment: Information point Louvre-Lens Tourism
Rate :TP 4 €, TR 3 €, free for children under 6

- Art Deco: the Lensoise Reconstruction took hold of a style very popular in the 1920s: Art Deco. Discover the essence of Lensois Art Deco in an urban walk between bow window and floral motifs.
From Wednesday to Sunday at 15:15
Appointment: Lens-Liévin Tourism, 16 Place Jean Jaurès in Lens
Price: TP 4 €, TR 3 €, free for children under 6

Good plan: the two essentials for 6 € in TP and 4 € in TR

Gratuit (moins de 18 ans, demandeurs d'emploi et peronnes en situation de handicap)
Tarif réduit (étudiant, adhérents carte Louvre-Lens)
3 euros
Tarif plein
7 euros